Bangladesh National ID card Checker-Voter ID Card check BD

Voter ID Card/ National ID Card Bangladesh Correction Verification Process. Voter ID Card correction and Verify & New VoterRegistrationCorrection process by Election Commission Bangladesh স্মার্ট জাতীয় পরিচয়পত্র গ্রহনের পূর্বে আপনার করনীয় How to get smart National id card

What you will do- Once the registration is complete to Bangladesh from anywhere in the world anyone can verify your identity card.

>Enter your email address>your phone number>Entry your national ID number before your birth of year>Date of birth>Enter password-one English (capital letter), a small number must be before or after (Password must be save for future in different places). A message will appear on your mobile phone after submit & check the message ‘’code’’>Enter the code that is it verify your registration.>

IF Card lost Bangladesh National ID card Data which will be need for verify your national ID card

Ø  *Name
Ø  *Father Name and  Father NID
Ø  *Mother Name Mother NID
Ø  Year of Death (if applicable)
Ø  Spouse Name      Not Applicable
Ø  *Date of Birth
Ø  *Place of Birth (District)
Ø  *Gender:
Ø  *Marital Status:
Ø  *Education:
Ø  *Profession: Disability (if any):    Blind    Deaf    Mute    Physical    Others

Ø  Unique Identification Mark

Ø  Blood Group (if known):
Ø  For which address you want to be a voter
Ø  Present Address
Ø  Permanent Address
Ø  Driving License/ Passport No. (if applicable)
Ø  Telephone No. (if applicable)
Ø  *Mobile No

 Voter ID/ National ID Card Correction- Election Commission Bangladesh- FAQs

জাহিদ (মধু হই হই) এর পর ইমরান হোসেনের ২য় আবিষ্কার ময়মনসিংহের "অন্ধ সায়েম"
ইমরান হোসেনের আবিষ্কার অন্ধ সায়েমের  গানে হই চই পড়ে গেছে চার দিকে।
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