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Voter ID card correction status online

Voter ID card correction status online application status this includes voter registration, preparation ID card, updating of electoral rolls, and issue of photo / smart identity cards to election. If you are a voter or already have national ID/ voter identity card, you change the picture, the application options, including of your application status check.

How to apply voter ID card online, check voter ID status, application for correction, application for migration, and application status check . Apply for Enrolment, Modification, Deletion and change of address in electoral roll. Voter ID card correction status স্মার্টকার্ড কখন ও কোথা থেকে বিতরণ করা হবে ওয়েবসাইটে গিয়ে NID Online Services লিংকে অনলাইনে প্রয়োজনীয় তথ্য জানতে পারবেন। কিংবা যেকোনো মোবাইল থেকে কল করে বা এসএমএস পাঠিয়ে নাগরিকেরা সহজেই জানতে পারবেন।

Citizen has to collect form from respective Election Commission Office, fill up and submit to the same with relevant documents for registration of voter list & collection of national ID-Voter ID Card from local election office

A new voter How to get National ID/ Voter ID card
Article 122 of the Constitution (II) and The Electoral Act, 009 (Act No. 6 of 2009), according to the Election Commission the responsibility to make the following qualifications have been completed voter lists of citizens-
(A)  The  citizen of Bangladesh;
(B)  18 years old;
(C)  Not declared by a competent court to be of unsound mind;
(D)  Or in the case of any electoral area, the area is considered to be resident;
Who is being 18 years of old now can enlist voter lost or electoral roll & get their ID any time & any months.  Every year update voter list during January and February months, when the Voter List will be updated. Server stations are being established in every sub districts or upazila or thana election office in Bangladesh now. Creating voter lists and national ID card Distributions will be done from these stations. When these programs will be started the newcomers who are yet to have their cards can make their names in the list. If anyone 18 years of old wants to get their Voter ID card/ national ID card right now for emergency purpose like visiting or migrating to abroad for study, work or any other issues can do so by submitting necessary proofs and documents.

How to get National ID/ Voter ID card for Non Residents in Bangladesh?

The Non Resident Bangladeshi can get their national or voter ID card. They can enlist voter lost or electoral roll & get their ID any time & any months. To get the card they need to come to Bangladesh. They must have- Passports, Arrival seals in passports

If they don
t have the passports, they need to show such documents which will prove them as they stayed in abroad. With necessary documents they will have to visit the Sub Districts or Thana Election Office. There they will be needed to fill up the forms (form 2 & form 11) for National or Voter ID card. Collecting the necessary information about each application will be sent to the District Election Officer. District Election Officer central database via VPN to verify and test the evidence submitted, if necessary, will consider the application for further investigation carried out quickly. For further confirmation of any hearing or official applicant is able to give more information. If the applicant is eligible to be a voter registration process will start District Election Officer and the National Identity Register BVRS will send information to NIDW. They will have to go to Thana Election Office/ District Election Office having documents and forms. All necessary documents will be sent to the Election Commission from there by intranet (internal net system of election commission Bangladesh). But voter can come to the thana/ upazila election office himself after finishing all formalities for taking photos, eyes scanning, finger scanning will be done to ensure the privacy. Then they can get their National/Voter ID card as emergency basis after uploading data on server. Or voter can apply online.

How to apply voter ID card online: New Voter ID card (NID) Registration Online Process Bangladesh: - New Voter ID card Registration Online Bangladesh is a current process of Election Commission Bangladesh. Voter ID Registration was before hand to hand. A number of agents data collectors are went ID Cards holder’s house & they were registration for National ID card Maximum people of Bangladesh were held by this way but some people were cut down for some reason. They were waiting register next year. But year 2015 New Voter ID card holders can Registration by online. There are some rules for registration. Those are in Bangla on image:-

1.    Voter ID card has to be Bangladeshi by birth.
2.    Age should be 18 as on 1st January 2016.
3.    There are some important documents which are needed to registration. They are given below:-
a)    SSC Certificate (Age verification certificate)
b)    Birth Certificate (Age verification certificate)
c)    Passport/ Driving License/ TIN (Age verification certificate)
d)    Photocopy of Utility bill/ house rent receipt/ holding tax receipt (Citizenship verification certificate)
e)    Citizenship verification certificate (As applicable)
f)     Photocopy of father, mother, husband/ wife ID card (if applicable)
You can process Voter Registration online correctly. Remember it; if you are existing voters, no need to re apply through online. And if you register again then you will be punished. Only 18 years old people and Overseas or excluded Voters can register through online. Voter ID card correction status

1.    Please fill in the bland online Registration form step by step with valid information.
2.    All information Fill in Bangal Language (Unicode) without your full name.
3.    After completing all form fill-up step, please check again your all information.
4.    Then make a PDF files to print and submit this file with the required documents on your closest Upazila / thana Election Office (That you selected the form)
5.    When you  submit all file then Upazila/ Thana Election Officers will verify your information, they will start process to create your name enlisted voter list and Voter ID or National ID card.
6.    Who can register for online services? If you are a voter registration Take advantage of this website. Follow the steps to register.
7.    After that you go to >‘’Login menu’’<Log in with your user name & password. >>Go to "Identity Statement" menu to see your identity statement.
8.    NOTE PLEASE: 1. please complete the registration process by filling out the required information.
9.    2. Obtained the activation code with your card information and phone log.
10.  3. Take the printed data changes by updating the information on the form.
11.  4. The printed scanned copy of the signed form and submit it online.
12.  5. In favor of changing the color of the required documents and submit scanned copies online.

Online and offline verification facility: Voter ID card correction status- All adult citizens to right to cast vote. BD national identity smart card system has been issuance of Duplicate NID, if a National Identity Card of any citizen is lost. These forms have to be sent to concern Upazila/Thana Election Offices for verification. Smart card has facilities to verification ofonline & offline.

What will I do if I lost myNational ID card (NID)?
1.    Make a General Dairy in the local police station including the NID number/ Voter number
2.     Collect the free application form from local Election Commission Office/any thana or district election office
3.     Fill-up the form with Name, Address, issued NID or Voter ID number and signature along with the GD copy.
4.     The Voter number can be collected from the local Election commission office
5.    Submit the filled application to Upazila election office. Upazila Election / Thana Election officer by Registration officer.

6.     After submitting the form, a received memo will be provided with a delivery date. 
Voter ID card correction status