Voter ID Card Correction-Process National identity Bangladesh

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Events NID-registration wing- ID card Correction & voter registration

Nid registration wing ec has done the voter registration, national ID card correction process at Dhaka office. Now nidw bd has replaces their National identity, id correction, new voter registration at local election offices. Voter can apply & get them desire services at Upazila/ thana election offices.

Bangladeshi citizen with a unique identification number to each voter lists and a national identity card in order to provide better quality and common functions of the Election Commission Field Offices. All of the country's 18-year-old voters and upper aged voter list with photograph and national identity which is offered through the update process is underway.স্মার্ট জাতীয় পরিচয়পত্র গ্রহনের পূর্বে আপনার করনীয় How to get smart National id card

NID Registration Wing: National Identity Registration

1. National Identity Register / stored data management Online / Electronic Services and Disposal of urgent appeals;
2. All of the data processing to obtain from the field offices of the Secretariat of election commission through the electronic by VPN system nid processing & uploaded in the central database.
3. According to Controls of Election Commission Bangladesh, National Identity Registration wing take actions the guideline, control & handling the ID card, voter list related tasks of field offices.
4. National identity card preparation and accounting (Inventory);
5. List of national identity and voterregistration as well as the synchronization of data stored in a database for all citizens;
6. The identity of the duplicated voter and remove this duality from registered at nid database;

7. Providing management services to multi-national identityস্মার্টকার্ড কখন ও কোথা থেকে বিতরণ করা হবে ওয়েবসাইটে গিয়ে NID Online Services লিংকে অনলাইনে প্রয়োজনীয় তথ্য জানতে পারবেন। কিংবা যেকোনো মোবাইল থেকে কল করে বা এসএমএস পাঠিয়ে নাগরিকেরা সহজেই জানতে পারবেন।

The voter list

1.     Under the direction of the Election Commission Bangladesh, and updating the voter list;
2.    The identity of the duplicated voter and remove this duality from registered at nid database;
3.    Voter / National Identity Register regarding the various strategies and policies;
4.    Monitoring, evaluation, processing and research and development programs by NID;
5.    Training planning and implementation;
6.    Confirmation of infrastructure management by nid;
7.    Confirmation of budget and financial management;
8.    Create PDF voter registration, printing and delivery by nid;
9.    Database to store data, and control by NIDW ;
10.  GEO code updating;
BVRS updating.

Election Commission Secretariat and field offices that will be implemented in all functions

NID- Registration wing ID card BD-Correction replaces to local election offices

The voter list
1.       Inclusion in the electoral roll citizens;
2.       Expatriate voter registration;
3.       The transfer of the electoral roll;
4.       Information additions and amendments to the electoral roll;
5.       Deletion of disqualify name from the list of voters;
6.       Print of voter list under direction of the Electoral Commission Bangladesh;
7.       Voter area partition, set voter area code, and Repositioning by local election office;
8.       Voter lists, registration forms and Other forms preservation;
9.       Provide services to voters;
10.   District election office / senior election officer or district election office or regional needs, different types of reports in the Secretariat to provide on-demand;
National Identity Registration
Nid registration of voters, national id bd, got lost national id card, id card correction processing service will get at now local election offices.

1.    All eligible voters of national identity and Registered other citizens to provide national identity cards (voter id card) national id card;

2.    Lost / destroyed / transferred to the replacement of a national identity card;
3.    Change and renewal of national identity;

4.    If applicable National ID / correction data stored in the database;
5.    Taking national identity, preservation and preparation of inventory;
6.    Improved ( Smart national id card) or duplicate national identity card distribution;
7.    Upazila / Thana Election office is disposable such application District / Senior District / Regional Election Officer sent;
8.    District Election Office / Senior District Election Office / Regional Election Officer / EC needs to provide the identity of the registration report. Detail at facebook

Direct submitted the application to Upazila / Thana Election office-Individual voter or eligible person of voter registration or any services relating to national identity may take required documents directly Upazila / Thana Election Officer assigned to them by completing the form local  Upazila / Thana Election office will provide the desired service to voters. For national ID correction Watch Video