Voter ID Card Correction-Process National identity Bangladesh

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Biometric ID cards

Biometric ID cards Biometric ID cards are a form of identification that recognizes an individual based on their physical behavioral traits. Such as fingerprints, eye retina and iris scanning, voice recognition, facial patterns etc. It provides authorities to their citizens.
Biometric ID cards proof of identity, citizenship and residence. The current version of this biometric ID card is smart national ID card (smart NID), provide Election Commission of Bangladesh.
Bangladesh Smart national Identity card used technologies by Election Commission Bangladesh for voters and citizens to identifying and protecting citizens ‘right and benefits’.

Technical designs: 25 security features of Smart national NID Cards. The security features of the card have been incorporated in three tiers to check fake ID cards, while the Election Commission made its design consisting with the spirit of the War of Liberation.
 This smart national ID card with relevant biometric data would be  highlighted many benefits of the introduction of smart national IDs in emerging democracies through to multi-application international standards smart national ID card.
This smart national ID card will be develop Bangladeshi citizens benefits, concerns around national Identification systems, In addition to helping people access to  authentic services. Smart national ID card of Bangladesh developed communication system.
Australia: Australia residents and visitors with an e-passport may have to submit to biometric authentication as part of the smartgate system. The Country Australia to introduce a biometric privacy code, which is established and administered by Biometric Institute. The Biometric Institute privacy code forms part of Australia privacy legislation.

Brazil: Since the beginning of the 20 century, Brazilian citizens have had user biometric ID cards. The Brazilian government allowed printing its own ID card each state in Brazil, but the layout and data are the same for all of them. The biometrics ID card printed in Rio de Janeiro are fully digitized using a 2D bar code with encodes a color photo, a signature, two fingerprints, and other citizen data which can be matched against its owner off-line. This technology was developed in 2000 in order to enhance the safety of the Brazilian biometric ID cards. Article source