Voter ID Card Correction-Process National identity Bangladesh

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Voter ID Card Correction-Process National identity Bangladesh : NID bd Election Commission bd

Voter ID Card Correction-Process National identity Bangladesh : NID bd Election Commission bd: NID bd election commission bd, EC bd, NID card Bangladesh, provide some important services for all Bangladeshi voter.  Vote...Voter list is an ongoing process under election commission Bangladesh. Bangladeshi citizen frequently lived in an area and before first January 2016 you are 18 or above but not registered as a voter yet, you may register as a voter. At the time of enrollment you need some papers for Form-2 like


  1. Dear sir , I m belonging to National ID card name: Md, Nazim uddin khan, recently I m going to apply for a new passport to travel abroad, But before deserving new passport , I would like to bring a simple correction in my name , and that's : Nazim uddin khan instead of existing : Md, Nazim uddin khan . I mean the "Md" word would like to omit , because , very recently my relative's Indian visa application has been refused only for this word "Md". His name is Md. Kamruddin , The visa authority doesn't know the meaning of "Md" . The "Md" means in our country Mohammed ; that’s abbreviated , any embassy and visa consular doesn't allow abbreviation in name , so there for , I request you to describe in details, how to omit this abbreviated word according to roles and regulation. Thank you

  2. 1. SSC Certificate (Age verification certificate)
    2. Birth Certificate (Age verification certificate)
    3. Passport/ Driving License/ TIN (Age verification certificate)Original national ID card of Applicant
    4. Slip of 200 taka fee, and Application form.

    Application submitted at the Upazila / Thana Election office .