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Election observing foreign and local observers guidelines

Election Commission Bangladesh encourages foreign and local observers to observe parliamentary elections. The following documents provide guidelines for people interested in observing the elections.

Election Monitoring
No election in any country is completely free of mistakes. People run elections, and people make mistakes. Because elections produce winners and losers, and no one wants to lose, some candidates or parties may try to rig the outcome.
Election monitoring can: Election How to get smart National id card

Reduce mistakes and rigging
>Build confidence in the electoral process and the results
>Enhance democratic methods of decision-making
>Promote peaceful conflict resolution

>Increase respect for human rights.

Monitoring by Domestic and International Observers
The Bangladesh Election Commission invites non-partisan. Domestic and international organizations observe elections. Like Polling Agents, observers help identify mistakes and rigging. Domestic and international observers may be at any polling station or booth - including the one where you are working.

Monitoring by Political Parties and Candidates
Parties monitor elections to protect their interests. This is a good thing. The rest of this booklet describes the job of Polling Agent.

Your Job
Identify human error and rigging. By being alert and knowing the election procedures you can uncover innocent mistakes or rigging. Correct problems. You can bring problems to the attention of election officials and suggest solutions. Collect information about the election. You provide your party with information about the conduct of the election at your polling station. This sounds simple, but to be a professional Polling Agent you need to know about Bangladesh’s election procedures.

 Local observer list view

Election Observation (Amended) Policy-2013 [Bangla]

Guidelines for Foreign Election Observer-2013 [English]